Where Does Birthmarks Come From ?

Where Does Birthmarks Come From ?

Birthmarks or ‘naevus’ are colored marks found on a newborn baby’s skin. The mark can occur in many different colors such as blue, blue-gray, tan, brown, black, pink, white, red and purple. They come in many different shapes and sizes. They can be smooth and flat or are raised above the skin surface.

The causes of birthmarks are not yet proven by science. Many experts are of the opinion that the birthmarks are inherited from parents or other family members. The other reason given is due to the overgrowth of blood vessels. The following are some of the common type of birthmarks.

Port wine stain -- This is a common form of birthmark. The stain is usually red or purple in color. This can appear on face, back or chest. It comes in different sizes and shapes. This is a permanent birthmark and found to grow in size with age. It can give rise to an uneven surface.

Mongolian Blue spot -- This appears on the lower back portion of the baby. It is either blue or black in color. It is found mostly in children of Chinese, Japanese and African origin. Normally this birthmark fades away by the time the child id 5 year old.

Stock marks -- They normally come from small blood vessels and they appear on the back of the neck, forehead or upper eyelids. The stock marks normally fade by the time the child is two year old.

Strawberry birthmarks -- These are found common in newborn babies. This is found to be due to the overgrowth of cells from the blood vessels.

Folktales and myths exist about the cause of birthmarks but none of these are proven and the true cause of birthmarks is not known.

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Where Does Birthmarks Come From ?