Mineral Oil And Dry Skin  

Dry skin is a common skin problem and it affects people of all age groups. It gets worse in winter months due to environmental conditions of low humidity.

The skin feels rough and looks dull and flaky. The lines on the surface of the skin become more visible. If it is left unattended it will look like cracked porcelain. Generally it is found on arms and legs but it can affect the rest of the body also.

Dry skin can give rise to itching and this can disturb the day today activities and also can cause sleeping problem. Dry thickened skin can develop cracks and the scratching can complicate matters further and the skin gets inflamed and can cause bacterial infection. At that stage dermatologist needs to be consulted and a prescription of antibiotics will be required to bring it under control. Severe dry skin can indicate certain genetic diseases. People with underactive thyroid gland can also experience dry skin related problem. Their condition will improve if the thyroid is attended to.

Moisturizers are being used to tackle dry skin. Dry skin is a long term problem that recurs often and more so in winter months. Hence, the solution also is of a long duration and use of moisturizers is to be started as soon as one notices skin getting dry. Use of harsh soap is to be totally avoided. There are mainly four classes of moisturizers and they are ointments, oils, creams and lotions. Vaseline petroleum jelly falls in the category of ointments and mineral oil is included in oils. Both have similar compositions and both are equally effective. It is preferable to apply mineral oil immediately after the bath and light toweling to retain moisture.    

Your dry skin will disappear by using mineral oils. In addition, the oil will also replenish the nutrients that your skin and body loses.

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Mineral Oil And Dry Skin




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