Herb To Eliminate Gray Hair  

There are plants that are popularized in traditional Chinese medicine which are considered to be excellent with anti aging properties. Many traditional methods use herbs to eliminate gray hair and a popular Chinese herb used to get rid of gray hair is Foti.

Foti is the common name for polygonum multiforum. It is a climbing vine with red stems and white or pink flowers. It is grown in central and south China. It is known to grow to a length of 30 feet. It is known as He Shou Wu named after a folklore hero. He was in his 60s and was without a child. He found this herb growing near his home. He consulted a wise man about the useful of the herb. He was advised to use the herb to get excellent results. When he started using the herb within a few days he found that his gray hair has turned black and subsequently he became father of 4 children. He lived to the age of 132.

This has become a common and popular tonic for middle aged and elderly people in China. In traditional Chinese medicine this is given for liver and kidney ailments and it nourishes the blood. It can reduce cholesterol, prevent premature gray hair, and promote the red blood cells and longevity at cellular level.

The trace minerals in Foti have a role to play in preventing gray hair. Foti is rich in trace minerals such as Calcium, Manganese and Iron which are needed to maintain the growth of normal hair with its natural color. Foti has the property to lower the effect of cholesterol on blood. The stilbene constituents of Foti are known to combine with cholesterol to prevent it from getting absorbed in the intestine. The lecithin present in Foti also prevents deposition of cholesterol in the liver.   

It has excellent properties to promote functioning of several systems in the body.

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Herb To Eliminate Gray Hair




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