Is Low Trace Minerals Linked To Gray Hair ?

Is Low Trace Minerals Linked To Gray Hair ?

We cannot get all the nutrients our body needs from the food that we eat. However, if the food is healthy, we may get some of the trace minerals and other nutrients that our body needs.

Plants produce vitamins but they do not produce minerals. The vitamins that we take can be utilized in the body only if the corresponding minerals are present. There are nearly 90 nutrients that are required for the normal and healthy functioning of the body.

Since the body does not get all the nutrients it will not be possible to maintain a healthy state. The changes in the body linked to aging start surfacing and this is the beginning of the decline.

The mineral deficiency in our food is a well known fact and it has appeared in the U.S. Senate document # 264 in 1936 and again confirmed by the U. S. Department of Agriculture report in 1977 that the balanced diet cannot provide essential trace elements. The farmers and the industry are concentrating in providing mainly 3 chemicals Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium to improve crop yields while the soil is deprived of all other 70 plus essential minerals that are very much necessary to maintain good health for human body.

Our bodies have been subjected to nutritional deterioration for years. All diseases we are witness to in modern times are linked to deficiency of minerals. Diseases such as Arthritis, High blood pressure, Asthma, Adult onset diabetes, and heart disease are not related to body aging but the lack of proper nutrition is the main cause. It is years of nutritional deficiency that creates poor health.

Grey hair is considered as indicative of elastic fiber breakdown inside veins and arteries. This is due to nutritional deficiency.

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Is Low Trace Minerals Linked To Gray Hair ?