Dragqueen Makeup Tips

Drag Queen Makeup Tips

Some drag queens prefer the sultry, rock ‘n roll 70s look, much popularized by the infamous Bianca Jagger. The starting point is clean, moisturized skin with any imperfections camouflaged with concealer and foundation. The skin must be kept as natural as possible.

Next is getting that sun-kissed look using a bronzer. A powder is most versatile for this purpose though for that natural look, gels and creams are better. Whichever is preferred, the objective is to use one with a bit of shimmer. The right color of bronzer is a shade with colors similar to your blush. A pinky-gold toned, very light bronzer would suit a fair skin.  Apricot-gold tone would match a medium-toned or olive skin, while a deep rust-gold bronzer is just right for a medium-dark to dark complexion.

The forehead, nose, chin and cheekbones are where the sun naturally hits your face. Apply the bronzer to these parts with a large brush or fingers, making sure it blends well. Now finish off the brow bone and cheekbones with a pink-gold highlighter.

Eye shadow or eyeliner, or both, may be smudged gently on the eyes from the outside in, to get a dark, smoky, sexy cats-eyes look. Lots of mascara should be applied and the eyelashes curled.

Eyebrows must be perfectly groomed with a bold line. The color should suit the skin tone.

A bold lipstick is preferred -- a red or burgundy. The lipstick should be applied to the centre of the lips and smudged outward to a slightly imperfect finish.

Finally give yourself a once-over to see that all this heavy make up is well balanced and not over done.

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Dragqueen Makeup Tips