Eye Makeup Tips For Men

Eye Makeup Tips For Men

Eye makeup is no longer the domain of women. Even men are now using eye makeup. In fact, a touch of eyeliner subtly applied can give men's personality a makeover. So, go for it.  Here are some eye makeup tips for men.

A thicker eyeliner suits guys better. It should preferably be black or certainly dark, without tints, shine or shimmer. So the starting point is to get an eyeliner that suits.

First check out on a small, unnoticeable area for allergic reactions. Somewhere innocuous like the forearm of stomach is an appropriate place to test it. If you find yourself developing an allergy like an itch or a rash, the eyeliner does not suit you. Get another one, like a hypoallergenic eyeliner or one with different base ingredients.

Start with a firm line along the base of the eye. Be careful not to make it too concentrated or blobby in any single spot. Now repeat that with a firm line along the upper eyelid.

When guys use eyeliner they’re looking for drama, not perfection, so smudge it. It is the smudges that give a guy the glam looks of a rock-star. Pencil perfect eyeliner is okay if you are looking for that Prince look, otherwise it is creepy and uncool.

There’s an option for the guy who wants to stand out at concerts -- smudge your eyelids with black eye shadow. Whether you wish to take it up to the eyebrows is up to you.

Do not forget the eye make-up remover. Every night before you hit the sack you’ll have to knock it off or else you will be streaking your pillow and fogging your eyes. Every night, clean it off with a gentle remover and then wash off the cleaner.

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Eye Makeup Tips For Men