Makeup Tips For A Round Face

Makeup Tips For A Round Face

Do not despair if you have a round face; you are in the company of a number of celebrities. A round face makes you look younger as it is full looking with generous cheeks. You have the advantage of making your face look slim by artistically using makeup.

Here are some makeup tips for round face:

The shape of the face will look less round through contouring. This technique is generally used on television personalities. For this you need a highlighter, a foundation and a darker shade of concealer.

When you try to contour, take into account blending for a natural look. It requires practice though and many trial sessions. So, if you are doing it for the first time, don’t attempt it for an event. Blending is easily done using large brushes and powder formulations. The technique to contour a round face is to start with a lighter shade which should be applied to the forehead, tops of the cheeks and chin. A darker shade should be used to the sides of the face and chin. Blend it upwards to the hairline and downwards to the neck. This will make the face elongated and remove the fullness concept.

The blusher should be applied in the right manner too to remove the fullness of the cheeks. Apply the blusher with vertical movements towards the temples. Avoid using it in a circular manner to the balls of the cheeks.

When using makeup on the eyes and lips, make them prominent and well defined. Choose shades like brown and berry rather than lighter shades like pinks. The features become bolder and the fullness of the face is subdued.

Line your eyes with dark eyeliner. The line should be soft and wide. A dark colored eye shadow to the outer section of the eye socket should be used, and a lighter shade to the rest of the eye.

Use a lip liner and line a darker shade to the lips. Use a matching lipstick. Apply a gloss too!

A good haircut does wonders, especially if it is coupled with a suitable makeup.

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Makeup Tips For A Round Face