Makeup Tips For Fair Skinned People

Makeup Tips For Fair Skinned People

Choosing makeup for daily use is a challenge. You have to look good and at the same time look natural. And you want your make up to match the rest of your ensemble. The key to using makeup depends primarily on your skin tone. Here are makeup tips for fair skinned people.

The foundation that you choose should match the skin tone. To hide blemishes or uneven skin tones, use a combination of a foundation stick and loose face powder. Test the foundation before buying it. Make sure that it is applied uniformly on the face and neck. There should be no dividing line between the two.

Pale shades of pink and apricot are ideal for the cheeks. Keep away from dark shades of dark and brown tones as they are not flattering.

Cool shades are best for the eyes. This could be light grays, cooler browns, shell and navy. Use black mascara to complete the dramatic effect. Avoid using shades with reds in them. They are unsuitable and make the eyes look tired.

There is nothing more flattering to the lips than soft shades of lipstick. Lips make a person look just gorgeous. Soft pastel tones, bright colors and rich burgundy are the best for a fair skin. Lip gloss adds to the effect.

Fair skins can look good if makeup is subtle. Avoid many coats of makeup -- it detracts from the natural look. Keep it simple and plain -- that is the key to makeup on fair skinned people.

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Makeup Tips For Fair Skinned People