Makeup Tips For Over 40 Women

Makeup Tips For Over 40 Women

Most people believe that they have turned old once they hit 40. They take little or no pains to dress properly or to use makeup skillfully. Why should you do so? Even women over 40 can put on makeup and look elegant. However, there is an art of putting on makeup that can make these women look graceful.

The following are some makeup tips for women over 40:

The skin is of prime importance. It is always necessary to use a moisturizer before any makeup. The moisturizer should contain serums and creams rich in antioxidants and retinols to fight those fine lines. Before using a foundation, try a silicone rich primer for a smooth look. Foundation is a must over 40 as it helps in concealing small problems that have turned up.

If there is a problem over redness in the skin, apply a sheer foundation and lighter layers of foundation over areas which require attention. Match the foundation to your skin tone. A yellow based one is the best. Test it on your jaw line and not on the back of your hand. That’s the nearest you could get to your face.

The eyes are the sexiest part and should be emphasized adequately. Your favorite eye shadow of yesteryear may not quite be suitable now. But you could stick with the colors you liked. Just stay away from eye shadows that glow as these will not conceal fine lines. Purples, greens and pinks, if you like them, can be used.

You can start with your makeup primer and then a neutral shade before you put your actual color. Do not forget your eyeliner as well. Apply it on the lash line. Curl your lashes before mascara.

Basically, after 40, one has to change makeup a little. Tone down some colors. Use a cream blush instead of a dry blush. In short, start life anew. You are worth it!

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Makeup Tips For Over 40 Women