Makeup Tips To Make My Blue Eyes More Blue

Makeup Tips To Make My Blue Eyes More Blue

Those with blue eyes should refrain from using any shade of blue in eye makeup. Grays may be used; so also browns of all shades and neutrals. If blue shadow is used on blue eyes, the result would be far from complimentary; it would result in blue on blue clashing.

Pink colors make the eyes look sore and tired. Greens can be used if your eyes have a bit of green in them. Blue eyes by themselves don’t really stand out unless some tips are followed. Opting for camel, lavender and other shades of browns and purples your eyes will appear bluer than they actually are.

Apply a light color on your lid from peach to a light brown. Line your eyes with eye liner. Now apply a medium to dark eyebrow pencil on each eye lid close to the eye.  Complete it with mascara. Use black, never brown. Apply two coats. Curl your lashes.

Dot some shimmer shadow on the inner corner of the eye to make the eyes bright. Put a little petroleum jelly under your eyebrow bones to make the eyes bright.

Keep eyebrows well groomed. This will help the eyes giving them a good effect. The color of the brows should be at least a shade or two darker than your hair.

Thus lovely blue eyes can stand out even more. If you like your eyes to sparkle, use an eye shadow which is a contrast to your eye color, yet complements your skin tone.

Eye makeup can do wonders for a woman’s pretty face.

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Makeup Tips To Make My Blue Eyes More Blue