Simple Yet Stunning Makeup Tips

Simple Yet Stunning Makeup Tips

Everyone loves to look stunning. However, learning the art of applying makeup without looking too gaudy and garish has to be learned. Here are some tips that will help you to achieve that stunning but natural daytime look. It is a perfect makeup which can be used at any time because it is simple yet stunning.

Use tinted moisturizer rather than going in for creams or liquid makeup, choose a tinted moisturizer. It is ideal for summer and gives the face that dewy look. If you want to give the face an additional color, use a crème blush.

The misconception is that using a liner will not give a natural look. On the contrary it enhances it.  Apply liner to your top eyelashes underneath instead of on top. Cake liners are good. Take an eyeliner brush and add the cake liner. Gently push the color up and at the roots of the eyelashes. Your eyes would look larger. Liquid liners can also be used.

Mascara can be used to brighten the eyes. For those with light eyes, put brown mascara over blue.

The lips are considered important in any makeup regime. Use a lip pencil instead of lipstick. It will look natural and long lasting .Apply the pencil on the lips with feathery strokes to make it blend and disappear into the lips. Use gloss to seal in the pencil.

Well-groomed nails are important. Keep your nails clean with a good quality nail sweep. Maintain a balance with nail length -- neither too short nor too long. Use a file for the outline and a shield to level defects, if any. Once a week, old nail polish should be removed to let the nails breathe.

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Simple Yet Stunning Makeup Tips