Tips On Makeup For Brown Eyes

Tips On Makeup For Brown Eyes

Brown eyed people are often confused when it comes to choosing colors for their makeup. There are no set rules for this. It is fun to experiment and see what color suits you most. The following are some tips on makeup for brown eyes that need not be stringently followed.

Choosing an eye shadow can be daunting. What color suits my eyes is what is asked frequently. In general brown eyed people should always include beige, browns and neutral tans. Browns with green or copper highlights are just great.  Grays and charcoal look good and so do lavenders and violets. The latter two could be mixed as well. Copper or gold is another option. If your eyes are half green, green eye shadow could be used.

Although the eye shadow should not be the same color as the eyes, brown eyes look great with brown eye shadow. Brown eye shadow is available in various shades. The plethora of shades need not be daunting. Any shade of brown can be used. The colors you have to be careful of are purple, green and blue. Keep trying till you get the perfect shade.

Makeup tips suggest that for brown eyes try and avoid pinks and mauves. These colors make the eyes look puffy and swollen. This is because brown eyed women have yellow skin tones making them warm complexioned. Pinks and mauves, however, are cool colors.

Silvers are not good. They go generally with blue eyes. With brown eyes, silvers create a washed out look.

Finally, coming to the eyeliner, don’t use a blue one. Black eyeliner is good. So are violet and copper, navy and forest green. Pick the ones you like the most.

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Tips On Makeup For Brown Eyes