Ingrown Toenails In Toddlers

Ingrown Toenails In Toddlers

A toenail grows inside when the sharp edge of the nail grows into the toe. It is a painful condition and occurs quite frequently in adults. It can happen to anybody because it is not an age related problem. It can occur even in children.

Ingrown Toenails In Toddlers:

The causes of ingrown toenail include improper cutting or picking of the nail, abnormal curvature of the nail, improper fitting of the shoes, or due to toe jamming during a sports event. The following are a few steps to be taken to prevent ingrown toenail.

  • Nails are to be cut straight across. They are not to be cut along a curve. Avoid cutting the nails too short.
  • Picking of nails is to be avoided
  • Narrow and tight shoes are to be avoided


If the ingrown nail is infected, a blister with white or yellow liquid will become visible and the surrounding skin will become red. A discharge will be visible if the blister breaks. As the nail keeps growing, the swelling will increase.

A toddler’s foot can be kept in warm soapy water for about 10 minutes three times a day. It has to be dried and over-the-counter antiseptic ointment can be applied. If possible the nail needs to be slightly lifted from the skin and a small piece of sterile cotton to be inserted. The cotton piece can be changed several times a day.

Oral antibiotics may be prescribed if there is infection. If the toenail has grown too deep into the skin, then surgical removal of the ingrown portion may be required. In some cases the nail root may be scraped so that the nail does not grow back and the nail bed will get covered with skin.

If the ingrown nail is left untreated, it can complicate matters. It will make the child walk with a limp. The infection also can spread to the bone and the treatment will become more complex. It may require intravenous treatment of antibiotics. Amputation of the toe, foot or leg may be the final outcome if it is untreated for long.

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Ingrown Toenails In Toddlers