Blister From Belly Piercing  

Body piercing has become very common these days and the younger generation is crazy about this practice. It has become popular and appealing for youngsters as body piercing has become a means of expressing themselves.

While ear piercing has been a common practice for many ears, other parts of the body are getting equal attention these days and the youth of the present generation is letting their imagination go wild to experiment with piercing and make a fashion statement out of it.

One of the readily seen areas of piercing is the belly button piercing. Young women are showing off their midsections and the piercing that goes with it. This is not gender specific piercing but the practice is finding a following predominantly in the female population. The technique that is followed for belly button piercing is not much different from what is being followed for ear piercing. Belly button ring is a jewelry that is inserted in the belly after piercing the upper part of the navel.

There is a possibility of an infection that can be caused by bacteria or fungi. One in three who had body piercing has experienced medical problems. The most common problems are that of swelling and infection but there are other problems of blood poisoning and serious bleeding too. The cause of infection could be due to improper methods of piercing, contact with dirty hands and a bath in polluted waters.

If the infections are not identified in the initial stages, it can lead to further complications. The initial symptoms include redness and swelling of the area. This can be followed with bleeding accompanied with pain. It may also include discharge of pus. If the infection is left unattended it can develop into abscess and cellulites. This can become further complicated by causing abdominal infection. Generally it takes 6 months to a year for the wound to heal and one has to be careful to avoid infection.

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Blister From Belly Piercing





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