How To Close Ear Piercing Holes ?

How To Close Ear Piercing Holes ?

Ear piercing is a common practice which is being followed in many cultures. It has become popular now with the younger generation taking keen interest in getting their ears pierced and has started wearing ear rings.

There are a variety of earrings available both expensive and also cheap jewelry that are found to be attractive by women and this further drives them to get their ears pierced to wear the fashionable ear rings.

Ear piercing is considered to be the oldest form of body modification. Ear piercing became popular in the United States through the early 1920s but it faded some what as the women went for clip on ear rings and ear piercing was no more needed. It gained popularity in 1980s and it became a common practice among women. This created a broader market for ear piercing and the jewelry to go with it. A variety of specialized cartilage piercing has become common but they are far less in comparison with the standard ear piercing.

In the initial phase one should stick to non nickel ear rings to ensure that the ear ring does not cause any allergic skin reaction which may give rise to itching and development of rash. Titanium is a good metal to use. This is safe because it is being used in knee and hip replacements. Ear cleaner is to be used twice daily with a small cotton ball. The ear ring should stay in the piercing at least during the period when it is getting healed.

When the person is ready to change the ear rings there are a variety of styles one can choose from. One should take care to clean the ear piercing regularly to ensure that it remains healthy. Closing the ear piercing hole is no big deal. Stop wearing the ear ring and leave the piercing alone. After some time one will find that the opening is no more visible and it would not be possible to insert the ear ring again. The piercing will get closed on its own.

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How To Close Ear Piercing Holes