What Is The Purpose Of Tongue Piercing ?

What Is The Purpose Of Tongue Piercing ?

The practice of body piercing has been around for thousands of years. It was an important part of culture of various communities from ancient eastern civilization to the west. The Bible mentions piercing that was used as symbolic symbols of wealth, status and power.

In the ancient Egyptian societies, body piercing were signs of wealth. Only royalty were allowed certain body parts to be pierced and only the Pharaoh was allowed to pierce his naval. Piercing the body emphasized beauty and fortune.

The Roman pierced themselves with a purpose. Men pierced their nipples as a symbol of power and strength. Piercings were signs of honor and loyalty to the Roman Empire.

The Mayan, Aztecs and American Indians also practiced body piercing in ancient times. Tongue piercing was an important ritual and a way to come closer to God. Throughout Central and South America lip labrets were a common piercing to look more appealing and attractive. Various gems and stones were used to enhance the level of beauty.

However, as time passed, certain religions declared it to be evil and sinful and the phenomena of piercing ceased to exist in the West. But with the initiation of the Renaissance era, the world got back into the trend of piercing. Sailors got one of their ears pierced when crossing the equator and high society pierced their body to flaunt their wealth.

Today, society has become extremely creative in terms of the parts of the body that are pierced. The main reasons for people to go in for piercing are that it has become a fashion statement, trend or personal statement. It starts with the celebrities, and teenagers, young mums, and just about anybody follows their style statement.

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What Is The Purpose Of Tongue Piercing ?