Do Guys Notice Stretch Marks ?

Do Guys Notice Stretch Marks ?

Majority of girls tend to get stretch marks on arms, thighs, legs, buttocks, and other conspicuous locations after puberty, as they begin to grow. These marks usually disappear if they maintain their shape. However, frequent gain and loss of weight may result in permanent stretch marks. Women also get them on the abdominal area after pregnancy.

Although stretch marks are very common, they are considered ugly. Young girls and women having prominent stretch marks usually get embarrassed to appear in public. Most of them, especially the teenage girls, are more worried and anxious to know if guys notice their stretch marks!

Whether a guy notices these stretch marks on your body and whether he gets turned off after noticing them depend entirely on individual perception. While some guys notice them, some others might not even care about such a thing. But, how does that matter? Having stretch marks is not a bad thing. It is very natural and these marks usually disappear with age. Moreover, it is not only the girls who have these kinds of stretch marks. Even men tend to get them in similar areas of their body as they grow after puberty. The only difference is that their stretch marks get hidden underneath their skin hair or are less visible due to a rough skin type.

Thus, if you maintain a healthy skin, a good healthy figure, and a right attitude, your stretch marks are the last things that any guy would like to notice or even care about. And if you come across a guy who notices and get turned off with your stretch marks, he surely does not deserve you.

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Do Guys Notice Stretch Marks