Does Exercise Help Stretch Marks ?

Does Exercise Help Stretch Marks ?

Stretch marks are caused by the tearing of dermis, the lower layer of skin. It happens due to the stretching of the skin faster than its ability to grow. Does exercising help stretch marks? The answer is no for cure but, it can definitely be prevented through exercising. The idea is to make the skin suppler to a right extent so that it is resistant against the stretch marks during weight gain particularly in pregnancy.

Mentioned here are some exercises for various parts of the body prone to stretch marks.

For hips and buttocks – Stretch marks are often known to affect the back of the knee to the buttocks, which can be a hindrance for one to wear a swimsuit. You can prevent such a condition with the exercise for hips and buttocks. Lie flatly on your back and relax for a moment or two. Raise your legs to create an angle of 90 degrees with the floor till the point you can feel a pull in your buttocks. Repeat the same procedure on the other leg, gradually pacing up and straining on the thighs, hips and buttocks. Ensure that all the groups of muscles are working very well while doing this exercise.

For area around the breast – Breasts lack a muscular support owing to which weights have to be used while exercising with pectoral muscles. They can be activated with a certain pull. Another effective way of exercising in this area is through dead lifting. Butterfly machines are another relief for people who wish to strengthen this area of the body.

For area around the abdomen – Exercising this area is relatively easy and is possible with curl ups. The key part is that the skin’s elasticity would be taken care of, if the muscles work properly.

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Does Exercise Help Stretch Marks