What Is A Dental Bridge ?

What Is A Dental Bridge ?

A dental bridge is equipment that is used to cover the gap between two teeth in your mouth. The dental bridge will look like natural teeth, and the gaps do not show when you smile.

There are three types of dental bridges, and depending on the style you choose, the costs will vary. Sometimes, the dentist might suggest the style and you may not really have an option.

Before you go in for a dental bridge procedure, have complete understanding of dental bridge and whether you should get it. There may be other options like implants also. Sometimes dental bridges are used with implants too. For example, when you are installing a dental bridge and if the bridge does not have support on either side for the bridge, then the dentists will have to use implants. Usage of implants also depends on whether the bone can support the implants or not. If the jaw bone is weak, then you will have to go for a bone graft procedure before anything else.

So, there are several factors to take into consideration, and choosing a procedure may really not be an option in such cases. If you are a person who has a normal set of teeth and no problems, then things could work with a simple dental bridge. However, if the teeth are otherwise in very good shape and you have just lost one tooth, then it is better for you to go for dental implant than a dental bridge. In the long run, the bridge will end up affecting the teeth that are giving support to it.

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What Is A Dental Bridge