Can Brain Lesions Cause Seizures ?

Can Brain Lesions Cause Seizures ?

A lesion is a damaged area which functions abnormally in the brain. Brain lesions can be anything from tumors, scars or even a head injury. It may be caused due to infection, abnormal blood vessels, and also hematomas.

A lesion causes side effects like seizures along with epilepsy. These symptoms do not improve even after taking medications. They are called intractable and refractory epilepsy. It is not compulsory for the lesion to trigger seizures in a person. Sometimes the seizures are a result of irritation in the brain tissue surrounding the lesion. For this reason alone, a surgery is conducted and it may include the removal of the tumor. Usually a small part of brain tissue is removed around the lesion, and the process is called lesionectomy.

Brain lesions are just like brain tumors and cause all the symptoms that a seizure could cause. This may include seizures and fits, loss of consciousness, and severe headaches. Mostly it is epilepsy and seizures. Surgery may be the only option for people who have epilepsy as a symptom and it is linked to a lesion. These seizures cannot be controlled using medication because they are not periodic. Also to add to this, a possibility to remove the lesion should exist. In other words the lesion should be accessible. The area surrounding the brain tissue should be removed without causing damage to areas of the brain. Several areas are delicate and responsible for vital functions like movement, sense, language and memory. To reach the lesion and take it out without causing any damage to the surrounding tissue could present a major problem to neurosurgeons sometimes.

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Can Brain Lesions Cause Seizures