Does A Mri Of The Brain Show Causes Of Seizures ?

Does A MRI Of The Brain Show Causes Of Seizures ?

Sometimes epilepsy is a caused due to abnormalities in the complex structure of the brain. These can be anything like too much cerebral fluid accumulation also called hydrocephalus, scarred tissue, and swelling of blood vessels.

Neuroimaging is a procedure that can take pictures of the brain and it can tell doctors whether a person has a problem in the brain. These tests are mainly taken to look for the cause of the seizures. An MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, is a form of neuroimaging. MRI can identify most of the problems related to the brain in patients. It can also make sure that patients do not have any other medical condition.

The most common neuroimaging test conducted for epilepsy is computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. Both of these procedures produce a picture of how the brain looks exactly. MRI is mostly preferred because it gives out more information when compared to a CT scan. Also, MRI is the most recommended form of scanning.

For certain types of epilepsy, the MRI scan images may not be necessary. However, for people who have been diagnosed with epilepsy recently, MRI is a very important form of diagnosis and doctor's opinion. Because the MRI scans help to study the seizure patterns and also sometimes point out the causes of seizures. In addition, MRI is found to useful in studying new seizures. If the doctors come to know what is causing the seizures, then they might find effective cure for the problem and also resolve it permanently. MRI can be very helpful if the cause of the seizures is present but indefinite, like for example a mild head injury.

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Does A Mri Of The Brain Show Causes Of Seizures