Symptoms Before A Stroke

Symptoms Before A Stroke

Stroke occurs suddenly in many cases and it always looks like an accident. However, it is not in reality and there has always been an underlying cause for stroke. There may be quite specific warning symptoms of an impending stroke. By recognizing these warning signs and taking immediate action, one can easily prevent a stroke.

Even otherwise, it is possible to reduce the severity of the stroke. It is also very important to recognize the warning signs so that one can get medical help as soon as possible. As this will help in reducing the harmful effects of the stroke.

Transient ischemic attacks, also called the TIAs, are caused due to a temporary shut off in blood supply to the brain. This may happen due to a partial blockage of an artery which is again caused by a blood clot. TIA has the same symptoms like a stroke, but it is usually temporary by nature and it dies cause any long-term brain damage. Invariably a TIA is considered to be a symptom before a major stroke.

TIA, is actually a mini-stroke, and is a warning of a major stroke. A person who experiences a TIA is at a higher risk of having a major stroke or a heart attack. The early identification of the symptoms and proper diagnosis is utmost important and it should be done by a doctor at the earliest.

Other than a TIA, some of the most common symptoms that occur before a stroke are as follows:

  • A weak feeling that can cause numbness in face, arms and legs.
  • Severe problems communicating due to the numbness and also confusion.
  • Dizziness due to unclear reasons or no apparent reason.
  • Blurry or poor vision in eyes
  • Loss of balance leading to a fall sometimes
  • Difficulty swallowing any type of food
  • Headaches that are unexplained
  • Crankiness
  • Unconsciousness

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Symptoms Before A Stroke