Symptoms Of A Massive Stroke  

A stroke is a fatal condition that occurs when the artery to the brain gets blocked or when it ruptures. This could result in death of the person or cause irreparable damage to the affected area of the brain. Almost all strokes are treated as emergencies whether they are massive strokes or not.

Here is some information on strokes and their symptoms:

  • Many strokes are ischemic by nature and they usually occur due to the blockage of an artery. However, some times it is hemorrhagic or due to the rupture of the artery.
  • A transient ischemic attack does resemble an ischemic stroke except that the symptoms will stop within 1 hour.
  • Symptoms of a massive stroke occur suddenly and can include muscle weakness, or paralysis stroke, an abnormal sensation which is only on one side of the body, difficulty communicating, an unexplained confusion, problems with vision, associated with dizziness, and also loss of balance or coordination.
  • Diagnosis of a massive stroke is based on the symptoms. However, neuroimaging and the blood tests would determine it for sure.
  • Recovery soon after a stroke purely depends on factors, like the location and the amount of damage. Others like the person's age, and also the presence of other disorders matter.
  • Controlling conditions like high blood pressure, or high cholesterol levels helps to a great extent. High blood sugar levels may also sometimes cause it.
  • Treatment of stroke often includes drugs that make blood thinner and less likely to clot. Even if they are present, the medicines break up clots and sometimes even surgery can help the condition.

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Symptoms Of A Massive Stroke





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