What Are Some Interesting Facts About Stroke ?

What Are Some Interesting Facts About Stroke ?

Stroke is also a type of cardiovascular disease that occurs in people of all ages. It usually affects the arteries and leads to a stroke within the brain. A stroke occurs when the blood vessel that are carrying the oxygen and nutrients to the brain are blocked by a clot.

Sometimes, it can also occur when the blood vessel bursts. When it happens, some parts of the brain do not get enough blood leading to a stroke. Due to this the brain begins to die.

Here are some interesting facts about a stroke:

The human brain is incapable of storing blood or oxygen so it needs a constant supply of it. When the supply gets disrupted then there could be serious consequences like stroke. When one part of the brain dies from the lack of blood supply, the other part of the body that is controlled by it is also affected. That is during a stroke a paralysis stroke also occurs.

Strokes not only cause paralysis, but also affect language and vision in a person.
The treatment is available is only to minimize the possibility of it recurring and also reduce the devastating effects of stroke. However, in order to receive the treatment, one must learn to recognize the warning signs and also be able to act quickly.

Strokes have life long effects or sometimes they do not show any damage at all. Strokes can occur even in young children and there is no limitation.

Simple problems like cholesterol in the body can lead to severe strokes with irreversible damages.

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What Are Some Interesting Facts About Stroke