What Are The Long Term Effects Of A Stroke ?

What Are The Long Term Effects Of A Stroke ?

Strokes can affect people in several ways. However, the effects depend on the kind of stroke, and also the area of brain that has been affected. The extent of the brain injury is also a determining factor. The brain injury caused as a result of a stroke can affect the senses like eyesight, touch, and awareness of body.

It also affects the motor skills of the person like movement of arms and legs. Paralytic stroke can affect speech and understanding skills. It can also affect the behavior and the thinking process, memory and emotions. Paralysis or weakness is a type of inability that causes the arms or legs to stop functioning. Paralysis on one side of body is very common after a stroke.

Soon after a stroke, some of the problems may improve over a period of time. However, in some patients it will go away completely. Some of the areas in the brain can produce specific emotions, just like any other part that produces movement in the body. They allow us to see, or hear, and smell or taste. If these areas of the brain are injured due to a stroke, then the survivor may have to face other emotional problems like crying easily or experience a sudden mood swing. These kinds of events are called emotional liabilities. Laughing uncontrollably is also something that may occur however it is not as common as crying.

Depression is also a common phenomenon like stroke and survivors recover soon enough. Soon they come to terms with several stroke-related impairments and that does not fully go away.

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What Are The Long Term Effects Of A Stroke