What Does A Stroke Feel Like ?

What Does A Stroke Feel Like ?

Several people who have had a stroke often say that a stroke is extremely painful. A minor stroke can soon become a more serious disability and a problem that lasts a life time. A stroke is accompanied with symptoms like chest pain. Usually the pain does not become less with deep breaths or pressing against the chest muscles.

Sometimes, a stroke is accompanied with pain in the left arm, or jaw and hand. However, with a little exertion, the shortness of breath and sweating can reach abnormal levels.

A person is at a greater risk when he or she has some conditions that directly lead to stroke. There are several such conditions. If a person has a family history of strokes, then he or she may be more prone to it. Also, if someone leads a sedentary life style and is obese, he or she can be prone to strokes.

High blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol are some classic conditions that directly lead to stroke eventually. Some ethnic races are also more prone to strokes like the African American community. The symptoms and causes can vary in different people.

Some types of stroke symptoms are more severe and sudden and they usually cause a crushing anterior chest pain. Severe shortness of breath or loss of consciousness may also be a severe form of stroke.

Most of the times stroke does not come with a warning and it happens like an accident. People are caught unawares and they barely realize they just had a stroke.

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What Does A Stroke Feel Like