What Happens To The Body During A Stroke ?

What Happens To The Body During A Stroke ?

When a person has an ischemic stroke, the oxygen and blood supply to some parts of the brain is reduced. In a hemorrhagic stroke, the bleeding occurs in the brain when the blocked blood vessel ruptures or bursts.

This is what happens to the body during a stroke:

  • The stroke could last up to 4 minutes and without blood or oxygen supply the brain cells may become damaged and die.
  • The body tries to restore the blood and oxygen supply to the brain cells by making the blood vessels or the arteries bigger. This happens only in the affected area. If the blockade happens in a large blood vessel, the body will not be able to send blood to any of the affected areas.
  • If the blood supply is not soon restored, then there could be permanent brain damage.

When the brain cells are damaged, they die, and the body parts that are controlled by those cells will be unable to function. This loss of function in the body parts can be mild or severe in nature, and the damage could be temporary or permanent. This also depends on where and how severe the damage to the brain is. If the damage is not severe, blood supply can be diverted to the affected cells soon and many of the lost functions may return.

If you are one of them who has suffered the symptoms of a stroke, then you should seek immediate medical care. A life-threatening condition may occur after the stroke. Early treatment of stroke can decrease the amount of damage to the brain cells, and also decrease the amount of permanent disability suffered by the person.

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What Happens To The Body During A Stroke