Can Ischemic Stroke Effect Eyes ?  

A research shows that every few seconds a person suffers from a stroke and at least one person dies every few minutes. Nearly 700,000 Americans suffer from a stroke every year, and almost 167,000 of them die. Stroke is one of the leading causes of death among Americans, and also it is known to be the major cause of a serious long-term disability.

Stroke usually comes when a blood vessel to the brain gets blocked by clots, and bursts. When a clot is blocking an artery, it is called an ischemic stroke. Nearly 80 percent of the strokes that occur are caused by ruptured blood vessels. When the brain is affected due to a stroke, the part of the body that is being controlled by that particular region of the brain is affected. A stroke can cause paralysis, impair speech and affect vision.

Speech is usually affected when the stroke is left brain ischemic type. Speech is controlled by the left side of the brain and that is why it gets affected. A left side ischemic stroke can paralyze the entire right side of the body and the mouth also. Tongue, which is an organ also, tends to get affected during a left brain ischemic stroke. Overall, all the parts that are responsible for speech get damaged individually. There is treatment available to restore speech and it is achieved mainly through physical therapy.

The signs of stroke include:

  • Severe headaches
  • Problems with vision
  • Confusion, and trouble speaking

All the symptoms show that the brain has been affected and there is a severe disconnect between seeing and understanding. Therefore, it can be said that ischemic stroke can affect the eyes.

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Can Ischemic Stroke Effect Eyes





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