Ischemic Stroke Recovery  

A person who has suffered from an ischemic stroke would try to recover from the effects of it and the process starts immediately after the stroke has occurred. A successful recovery rate after a stroke completely depends on the amount of brain damage, and the person's attitude to the whole incident.

It also depends on how well the patient was handled by the medical team.  Not everyone has the ability to recover on their own. For some of them, a rehabilitation therapy can have a lot of benefits.

Rehabilitation teaches completely new skills in order to replace the old skills to the person who has suffered from a stroke. Most people after a stroke are speech impaired or have physical impairment. These new set of skills would help them to recover and also cope with their daily needs. It also involves teaching some specific areas of the brain to take over the responsibilities of the damaged portions. One of the primary rules of a successful rehabilitation is that it must begin soon after a stroke has occurred. Therefore, the therapy usually starts in the hospital and is continued as long as it is found necessary. The main aim of the therapy is to improve the functions that are lost so that the person who has suffered a stroke can be as independent as possible.

These programs also are provided by special rehabilitation hospitals or an acute care hospital. Recovery from an ischemic stroke cannot happen independently. A patient needs help in the form of rehabilitation and family support.

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Ischemic Stroke Recovery





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