Does Brain Seizure Look Like A Mini Stroke ?

Does Brain Seizure Look Like A Mini Stroke ?

Seizures are the result of episodes of a disorganized electrical activity that takes place in the brain. It can occur immediately and the primary seizures that come from brain damage are caused mainly due to strokes.

Seizures come in different magnitudes and typically most people think that common type of seizures are connected to loss of consciousness, or shaking of the legs and arms like fits, or losing control over the bowel or bladder. This type of seizures is commonly called a generalized tonic-clonic seizure. However, it is only one of the many types of seizures.

There are several other types that are much milder and they are extremely difficult to figure out just by looking at a person whether he is suffering from a seizure. For instance, a small seizure can make people just stare into empty space and another type like the gelastic seizure can make people laugh hysterically.

A brain seizure can be epilepsy, convulsions and even a mini stroke. A mini stroke can trigger epilepsy in people who are prone to it. Both are very close in resemblance.

Epilepsy is one of the types of seizures which can look like a mini stroke. It leads to the chronic condition causing repeated episodes of seizures over time. People who suffer from two or more seizures in a lifetime are called epileptic. However, not everybody suffers a seizure and everyone knows that they have been through it. Some seizures are so mild in nature and it is very difficult to recognize them.

If you observe or see a strange behavior pattern that seems abnormal, then one should immediately talk with the doctor about it.

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Does Brain Seizure Look Like A Mini Stroke