Multiple Mini Strokes  

A stroke is a kind of brain attack and it is also known as "the silent killer". It is in fact because a person can suffer one or many strokes and still be unaware that he or she has suffered from a stroke.

A stroke occurs when there is a blood clot that is blocking a blood vessel and causes it to rupture. In such cases, the artery or the broken blood vessel stops the blood flow to the brain. A person can suffer from multiple strokes before the actual stroke occurs. However, the damage could be severe in such a case.

Most of the areas that get commonly affected are sensation, accessibility, speech, behavior patterns and memory. A brain damage is a result of multiple strokes and it may also cause severe mood swings like changes in behavior and personality. The multiple strokes may occur over a period of time or within few minutes of intervals. It may also cause problems like dementia in older people. A popular research quotes that for every five people who suffer from stroke, only one person will make a complete recovery, and among them three of them will have a permanent neurological disability, and the fifth one will die.

Here are some facts about strokes which is why you should take multiple mini strokes seriously:

  • A stroke is the leading cause of many of the neurological disability in adults
  • A stroke is also the fourth leading cause of deaths in several countries
  • A stroke can occur at any age and one-third of all people who get stroke are under the age of  65

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Multiple Mini Strokes





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