Personality Changes From Mini Strokes  

A stroke is also known as a brain attack, and for a good reason. It occurs when a blood vessel in the brain is blocked and subsequently bursts. The brain is incapable of storing oxygen, and so it needs a constant supply of it. So, the brain depends on a network of blood vessels that provide it with blood that carries the oxygen.

A stroke is a result of loss in blood supply, causing the surrounding nerve cells to be starved of nutrients and oxygen. This causes the nerve cells to die resulting in brain damage. When the tissue of the brain has been cut off from getting its supply of oxygen for a duration that is more than three to four minutes, the brain begins to die.

Mini strokes create exactly the same circumstances like a major stroke. Strokes can cause changes in personality some people and the same is also true for a mini stroke. When people suffer from a mini stroke or a regular stroke, they can start behaving very differently. Most of them appear confused. Some people tend to get jittery and short tempered and even impatient after a stroke. The change in personality may be attributed mainly to the emotional distress the stroke could have brought upon and thus resulting in emotional problems. Many people often wonder what happened to their grandfather or their grandmother soon after the stroke. The personality change has always been discussed as an aftermath of unfavorable conditions during stroke.

Panic attack is a common side effect of stroke. People who have suffered a mini stroke can easily panic for reasons like excess sweating or fatigue. They try to avoid any situation that can make them feel like they are having a stroke.

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Personality Changes From Mini Strokes





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