What Causes A Mini Stroke ?

What Causes A Mini Stroke ?

When a brain does not get adequate supply of blood, it stops working. In addition, the body also shows adverse effects because whatever functions are controlled by the affected region of the brain cease. This is exactly what happens when a mini stroke occurs.

However, a mini stroke is temporary in nature and most symptoms disappear in a few minutes without causing long term damage to the brain or the body. But a mini stroke should not be ignored as it a sign of impending stroke.

Causes of a Mini Stroke:

Some of the most common causes of a mini stroke are as follows:

  • Blood clots in the tiny arteries of the brain can lead to a mini stroke. Usually clots form only after the arteries start narrowing due to fatty deposits known as plaque. This condition is known as atherosclerosis and blood clot usually forms when the plaque ruptures from the surrounding artery wall.
  • Blood clots formed in the heart travel in the blood stream and find their way to the tiny arteries in the brain. This usually occurs due to atrial fibrillation where the heart does not beat in a normal manner and the blood stagnates leading to formation of small clots. Once the fibrillation stops, normal blood flow begins and these small clots are carried to the brain where they get lodged.
  • Debris from the carotid artery often break away and find their way to the tiny arteries in the brain. Invariably this debris is nothing but plaque.
  • High blood pressure can cause blood vessels to rupture and this causes bleeding in the brain tissue subsequently leading to a mini stroke.

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What Causes A Mini Stroke