Holistic Approaches To Stroke Recovery  

A stroke often leaves a person paralyzed and completely disabled. Several people who suffer from a stroke often face permanent disability in spite of getting medical attention on time. However, a hospital just has enough time to save a person’s life and it cannot avoid serious damages mainly because of the delays caused by the patient himself.

A person who has suffered stroke has many other choices of treatment other than conventional medications. Holistic approach can help the patient to recover faster sometimes. The stroke causes the brain cells to die and these cells until then were controlling the body’s movements where the stroke occurred. If these cells can be revived, then the body movements can be restored.

There are several holistic therapies like naturopathy, ayurvedic and yoga. Several yoga exercises performed over a period of time can revive the dead brain cells and slowly restore body functionalities. Holistic therapy like Yoga has helped in several cases where there has been loss of speech or motor skills. There are many rehabilitation centers that use holistic approaches and they coincide with the normal physical therapy. The nerve connections with the brain are reestablished through massages with various stimulating oils and heat therapy.

However, when going for such approaches, a person needs to be patient and wait for the results to occur. Also, the success rate mainly depends on the age of the person and their health otherwise. Holistic therapy may have fewer benefits on elderly compared to younger adults and children.

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Holistic Approaches To Stroke Recovery





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