Stroke And Recovery Of Short Term Memory Loss

Stroke And Recovery Of Short Term Memory Loss

Memory loss is a condition that is caused by several factors. Diseases like Alzheimer’s, stroke and a head injury can cause short term or long term memory loss. In some cases, the whole process of memory loss is slow and in others the lost memory is completely regained.

This gives a picture on how complicated the functions of the brain are and anything can happen under any circumstances.  

Memory loss is often a result of a physical problem. A stroke can lead to this syndrome when sufficient blood does not reach the brain and ends up damaging the cells of the brain. Sometimes habits like consuming excess alcohol can cause brain damage as a result of dehydration. Head injuries also cause memory loss because of the concussion and trauma caused to the brain.

Diseases like Alzheimer's are caused due to specific molecules that lie within the brain. In addition, apart from the effects of molecules, the collapsing and reviving of the brain cells, a process known as neurogenesis, causes changes in memory. People who are alcoholics are found to have neurogenesis in are called the hippocampus.

Short term memory loss is a direct result of trauma and often a person wakes up after being unconscious and does not remember anything.

A stroke in its severe form can cause damage to the part of the brain that deals with memory. Memory itself is divided into various aspects within the brain and different parts of the bran deal with it. That is why it is not possible for a person to completely lose their memory under any circumstances.

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Stroke And Recovery Of Short Term Memory Loss