Sessile Tumors In The Bladder  

In the United States, bladder cancer is the fourth largest disease causing deaths among men and every year the number of deaths is increasing.

The main reason that causes bladder cancer is identified as carcinogens, and right now cigarette smoking is being identified as the number one reason for bladder cancer.

Sessile tumors are found lining the bladder in the upper part when a person is diagnosed with bladder cancer. These tumors can be treated using radiation therapy and chemotherapy. However, radiation therapy given to internal organs like intestines or bladder can have detrimental effects on the rich lining of the bladder.

When bladder cancer is diagnosed at an early stage even before these sessile tumors form in the bladder, it is highly treatable. Some of the early symptoms of bladder cancer include blood found in urine or frequent urination and painful urination. Sometimes these symptoms are also accompanied with abdominal and back pain. However, these symptoms coincide with many other conditions and the most effective diagnosis of cancer is through a Pap smear test. The most common reason for bladder cancer is smoking and also exposure to carcinogen chemicals has been a big reason for causing bladder cancer. Bladder cancer among people can also be caused due to hereditary reasons. A neglected bladder infection which is chronic in nature is highly likely to end up in bladder cancer and any urinary tract infection should be promptly treated. It has been found that men are more susceptible to bladder cancer than women.

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Sessile Tumors In The Bladder




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