Can Bone Cancer Spread To The Liver ?

Can Bone Cancer Spread To The Liver ?

Bone cancer is an extremely painful condition because the tumor cells can make holes in the bone that hurt after some time. Any sudden movement or simple movement can cause the bone to hurt severely in patients with bone cancer.

Cancer cells after a prolonged period of time if left untreated can spread to various parts of the body.

When the tumor is localized the common course of treatment is to operate and remove the tumor before it spreads. Bone cancer is of two types, the first type is very rare but the second type of cancer called the metastasis is common.

This is the kind of cancer which affects several bones at the same time and in this type of cancer it is highly possible that the cancer would spread to the other parts of the body like liver. In this case the tumor cells travel through the blood stream to various parts like the liver and these cannot be killed using radiation or chemotherapy as they are spread out.

Depending on the advancement of the disease the treatment type is decided and it can be anything from chemotherapy, to hormone therapy or surgery and they even use bone hardening chemicals. In bone cancer the bones get eaten away by the tumors and cancer cells and the bone hardening chemicals on the other hand combat the problem by forming layers on the bone. Spot radiation is also used to cure bone cancer where the tumor cells are killed on the spot and the bone is allowed to heal and form again.

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Can Bone Cancer Spread To The Liver