Metastatic Prostate Cancer Spread To The Bone  

Prostate cancer is of two kinds in people in which one type of cancer spreads outside the pelvic area and the other kind of cancer stays within the pelvic area. The cancer that spreads outside the pelvic area is called M1 prostate cancer and it has the utmost tendency to spread to the bones than affecting any other part of the body.

At this stage it is called the metastasis cancer and it is an advanced stage of cancer. Even if the local tumor in the pelvic region is small but if the cancer has spread to the bones then it is still considered to be in an advanced stage. Type M1 is used to categorize the metastasis cancer. At an advanced stage of any kind of cancer the main aim is to prolong the life of the patient rather than saving their life because it becomes difficult to just curing the disease at that stage. The only attempt that can be made is to keep controlling the disease so that the life of the patient is increased.

Metastasis prostate cancer that has spread to the bones can be controlled using radiotherapy, hormone therapy and chemotherapy. These three are the most common form of treatments available for treating cancer in patients. Because the cancer at this stage has spread to the bones, which means it is not localized, radiation therapy is tried first to kill the cancer cells and then treating the affected part of the bone. Cancer cells may reappear again but this therapy is used to control them by killing the cells and delaying the process of deterioration of the patient.

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Metastatic Prostate Cancer Spread To The Bone




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