Infant Kidney Cancer Signs  

Nephroblastoma or Wilm’s tumor is a kind of kidney cancer found in children and infants. When the baby is developing in the womb, the kidneys are formed right from the primitive and beginning cells. This cell as the baby is developing form into mature kidneys before the baby is born.

Sometimes unfortunately some of the cells do not mature and instead form clumps that remain in the developed kidney. The cells remain in the original and a primitive form. When these cells start multiplying in the kidney after the baby is born they become a huge mass of abnormal cells and turn cancerous. In the end cancer is a condition where only one type of cells start multiplying and start dominating over all other types. This type of tumor formed by left over cells in the kidney has been identified as Wilm’s tumor in infants and children.

There is no doubt that the Wilm’s tumor is a malignant form of tumor, which can become terminal for the child. The cells that are multiplying in the kidney are very capable of taking over the other parts in the body. With the use of advanced medicine today this type of tumor can be treated effectively in infants and children. Wilm’s tumor has mostly been identified in children less than 3 years and it is found more in female children. The common symptoms for this tumor is blood in the urine, high blood pressure, nausea, pain in the abdomen and also sometimes a firm round mass is noticed in the abdomen of the child.

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Infant Kidney Cancer Signs




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