Life Expectancy For Kidney Cancer  

Various forms of kidney cancer, including the most commonly occurring renal cell carcinoma, are caused when the kidney cells of a person start to divide and grow rapidly and uncontrollably, thereby resulting in tumors.

          Cancer of the kidneys develops in four stages, and can be diagnosed in any stage. Early diagnosis of this cancer in a patient increases the likelihood of successful treatment of the condition. In later stages, when the cancerous cells leave the primary location (kidneys) and metastasize to other organs, it becomes difficult to treat the cancer. Thus, life expectancy in case of this deadly cancer varies from one individual to another, depending on the stage at which the illness has been diagnosed. The success of the treatment used and the way the patient’s body responds to it also contribute in determining how long the patient is likely to remain alive after diagnosis.

          The renal tumors that are malignant usually measure up to 6-7 cm in Stage I and II, and remain confined to the kidneys. As the cancer proceeds to Stage III, the blood vessels present around the affected kidney get damaged by the expanding tumor. At Stage IV, these rapidly dividing malignant cells move (metastasize) beyond the renal membranes and spread in other organs and lymph nodes of the patient’s body. According to the recent ACS (American Cancer Society) reports, the rates of survival in Stage III and IV of the cancer are 63 percent and 5 percent respectively. However, oncologists have managed to prolong life expectancies or completely eliminate cancer in cases where the condition was diagnosed in the first two stages. As per the report, nearly 96 percent Stage I patients and 82 percent Stage II patients are alive till date, even after 5 years of diagnosis.

          Life expectancies of patients can be reduced significantly in case the body fails to respond to the treatments or if complications, like accumulation of calcium or lactate dehydrogenase in blood plasma and anemia, develop during the treatment procedures.

          Thus, it is only an oncologist who can provide you a clear image of your chances of getting recovered from the condition.

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Life Expectancy For Kidney Cancer




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