Warning Signs Of Lymphoma

Warning Signs Of Lymphoma

Lymphoma is a disease that comes up harmlessly. The symptoms appear to be quite common and hence, nobody suspects that he could be heading for such a serious and an almost incurable disease. The person is taken by surprise when he is diagnosed with lymphoma.

Warning Signs of Lymphoma:

Painless lump in neck armpit or groin -- This is one of the most common symptoms that are associated with the disease. These are basically enlargement of the lymph nodes. This is generally noticed when the person is bathing or changing clothes. However this symptom alone is not sufficient to conclude that the person may have lymphoma. This needs to be associated with some of the other symptoms that are listed below.

Weight loss -- Weight loss is generally observed over a period of a few months for no obvious reasons. Loss of weight to the tune of 10 to 15 pounds in a couple of months is a cause for concern.

Fever -- There could be intermittent fever over a period of time. If this is not associated with infections, then this needs to be looked into. If this is affected by Hodgkin’s lymphoma, the characteristic fever called Pel-Ebstein fever will be observed.   

Excessive sweating at night -- The person may wake up at night drenched in sweat.

Itchiness -- Itchiness is experienced all over the body. This is attributed to the secretion of special chemicals by lymphoma cells.

Loss of appetite -- As the disease progresses, the person experiences loss of appetite.

Feeling of weakness -- As the cancer cells keep growing they use up the nutrients and very little is left for the body. This makes the person to feel weak.

Breathlessness and the swelling of the face and neck -- If the lymphoma in the neck or chest area grows very large, some blood vessels may get blocked and this can cause feeling of breathlessness and swelling. 

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Warning Signs Of Lymphoma