Does Mouth Cancer Cause Blood Blisters ?

Does Mouth Cancer Cause Blood Blisters ?

Oral blood blister is a type of blister that forms on the upper layer of the skin in response to pressure or injury. Some of the causes of oral blood blister include infection due to drugs and chemicals, accidentally biting your cheek or diseases such as herpes or mouth cancers.

In most cases, oral blood blisters are harmless and resolve by themselves in few days but blood blisters caused due to herpes or oral cancer needs immediate medical attention.

Chewing tobacco plays a major role in development of oral cancer. The area of mouth where the person holds tobacco for longer duration provides the perfect place for the development of cancer cells. This uncontrolled growth of cells in the mouth causes cancer. One of the frequent sign of oral cancer is an unhealed sore on the lips, gums or inside the mouth that bleeds easily and doesn't heal. If untreated, this unhealed sore or ulcer may take the form of blood blister. These non-diminishing blood blisters and loss of sensation in mouth are the early warning signs of oral cancer.

Blood blister can develop anywhere on the body. But blood blisters caused due to oral cancer appear mostly on individual’s lips, tongue or mouth, on the back of throat, the tonsils or salivary glands. It can also appear on gums, cheek and salivary glands. Blood blister caused due to cancer looks different from ordinary blood blisters that are caused due to cold sores, trauma or herpes.

Blood blister cause due to cold sores or trauma is harmless and can resolve by themselves in few days. But blood blister that does not heal on its own needs immediate medical attention as it may be the first signs of potential oral cancer. Diagnosis of oral blood blister is usually done by blood tests and skin biopsy, wherein a small patch of tissue is removed and sent to laboratory for further examination.

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Does Mouth Cancer Cause Blood Blisters