What Does Mouth Cancer Look Like ?

What Does Mouth Cancer Look Like ?

Each more than 34,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer. Mouth cancer kills over 8,000 Americans, around 1 person per hour. And, out of the 34,000 people diagnosed, only around half of them will be alive after 5 years.

With all the improvements in science and technology, nothing has managed to increase the 5-year survival rate. Worldwide the problem of mouth cancer is even worse, with over 400,000 people being diagnosed each year.

The problem with mouth cancer is that in the initial stages, it hardly has any symptoms and that is why it keeps growing without being noticed. The early stages of mouth cancer are painless with hardly any physical changes. So, what does mouth cancer look like?

You may not be able to identify mouth cancer but your dentist or doctor would be. A dentist is the best person to approach because he or she would be able to notice even the slight change in the tissue and this would help you to identify the cancer early and seek appropriate treatment. In the initial stages, mouth cancer can appear as a small white or red patch in the mouth. Sometimes, it can look like a canker sore; a small hard ulcer.

You should visit a doctor or dentist if you have a sore in your mouth or a discolored area that does not heal within 14 days. In addition, you should also visit a healthcare professional if you feel a lump or mass inside your mouth, have difficult chewing, swallowing or speaking, have a wart in the mouth or suffer from hoarseness that lasts long. All these are signs and symptoms of mouth cancer.

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What Does Mouth Cancer Look Like