Famous People With Stomach Cancer  

Stomach cancer causes one million deaths worldwide each year. It tends to affect men more often than women as doctors believe that women are protected due to estrogen present in their bodies. Some of the famous people who suffered from stomach cancer is given below.

Famous People With Stomach Cancer:

Napoleon Bonaparte (August 15, 1769 - May 5, 1821)
He was a military and political leader of France and was known as Emperor Napoleon I. He was trained as an artillery officer and he rose during the first French Republic. He staged a coup in 1799 and installed himself as First Consul. He crowned himself an Emperor of French after five years. He dominated Europe through a series of military victories in the first decade of the 19th century. He is remembered for the Napoleonic code which was responsible for the administrative and judicial foundation of Western Europe. He died in 1821. An autopsy done revealed the cause of his death as stomach cancer. However, there were many allegations that he was poisoned by arsenic. A study done in 2007 has confirmed that his death was due to stomach cancer only.

Darlene Conley (July 18, 1934 - January 14, 2007)

She was an American actress. She was well known for her performances in daytime television. She is best remembered for her role as Sally Spectra in ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’. She had received Emmy Award nomination for this role. This is the only soap opera character that has found a place at Madame Tussaud’s wax museum at Amsterdam and Las Vegas. She was ill since 2004 due to a fall that caused fractures. However, she had surgery in 2006 for stomach cancer.

Anita B. Roberts (April 3, 1942 - May 26, 2006)

She was a molecular biologist and has done pioneering work on protein TGF-β. This protein has a dual role in blocking and stimulating cancer. She joined the National Cancer Institute in 1976 and served as Chief of the Institute and continued with her research till her death. She was recipient of several awards for her contribution to the field of science. She was diagnosed of stage IV gastric cancer in March 2004. She received fame for her blog which covered her daily struggles with the disease.   

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Famous People With Stomach Cancer




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