Stomach Cancer And Chinese Medicine

Stomach Cancer And Chinese Medicine

Stomach cancer has been associated with ingestion of food that was not properly stored and getting contaminated with bacteria and fungi. Stomach cancers are usually treated with a combination of surgery, and chemotherapy.

If the tumor is localized, then it is surgically removed and chemotherapy is used to destroy the remaining cancer cells. If the tumor has spread, then surgery is not possible and chemotherapy alone is used to control the cancer cells.

As the death rate of stomach cancer is high and also due to the side effects of chemotherapy, there is a general tendency among patients to look for alternative or complementary methods of treatment. Chinese medicine is considered as a complementary medicine rather than an alternative as it is mainly being used to reduce the side effects of the conventional treatment methods.

Chinese medicine involves a combination of several approaches instead of a single medicine.

Anticancer herbs -- There are several anticancer herbs but Akebia fruit, Oldenlandia and Solanum are considered to be effective in treating stomach cancer.

QI Tonics -- These herbs have the property to enhance the immune function of the body. The immune property of the body that is getting impaired due to chemotherapy and radiation can be boosted with the use of this tonic. They increase the production of white cells and in turn enhance the immune property. Astragalus and ligustrum are the two main herbs which are considered to be effective in this category.

Blood vitalizing herbs -- Individuals with cancer are known to have abnormal blood conditions such as higher viscosity and poor circulation of blood. There are nearly 140 Chinese herbs with the property of activating blood circulation. Salvia is known to be very effective in this category.

Phlegm resolving herbs -- Masses of cells is considered as phlegm. A tumor is thought of as an abnormal mass. Some herbs are available to resolve phlegm.

An anti-cancer treatment is formulated using herbs from all the four categories listed above.

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Stomach Cancer And Chinese Medicine