Chicken Pox Or Rash On 3 Year Old Child  

If your 3 year old all of a sudden develops rash, you may starting worrying whether it is just a rash or chicken pox. That is why it is important to know the symptoms of chicken pox and rash and what is the difference between them.

If your 3 year old child gets chicken pox, you can sure that he contracted the virus around 10 to 21 days ago, as this is the incubation period for the varicella zoster virus. The initial symptoms of chicken pox are headache, fever, sore throat, backache and generally feeling unwell. These symptoms can appear up to 6 days before the chicken pox blisters appear.

Chicken pox blisters initially appear on the face and scalp and thereafter they spread to the chest, arms and legs. Your 3 year old child can also get blisters in the mouth and nose. Chicken pox blisters are extremely itchy and they usually appear in clusters of varying sizes. The blisters are filled with fluid, while some may get pus. The blisters will start oozing after a few days and after they crust over and get scabs. Chicken pox usually takes around 16 days to heal completely.

In contrast, rash is caused mostly due to an allergic reaction and not due to a virus. The rash is also itchy but usually they do not form into blisters like chicken pox. The rash can get infected if your child keeps scratching them. And once the allergen is removed, the rash disappears or in worse case scenario you have to take your child to a doctor to get a prescription of antihistamine to control the allergic reaction. Usually when a child gets rash, he will not have a sore throat, fever, headache or backache.

Chicken pox or rash on 3 year old child manifests in completely different ways. However, if you have a doubt, take your child to the doctor who will be able to give you a diagnosis just by looking at the rash.

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Chicken Pox Or Rash On 3 Year Old Child




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