What Types Of Medications Can Cause Anemia ?

What Types Of Medications Can Cause Anemia ?

Anemia is a condition in people that can cause extreme amounts of weakness and it is usually caused due to deficiencies in the body. A person is known to have anemia when their blood reports shows low blood count.

People who suffer from anemia may suffer with one or all of the symptoms like sleep apnea, low blood pressure, rapid heart rate and also weakness or fatigue. The only way to diagnose anemia is by taking a complete blood picture. Anemia is most common in teenagers and girls who are desperate to maintain their figures. Anemia is also common in pregnant women and people who have hypothyroidism.

Normal adults seldom get anemia unless their diet is very poor. Thyroid medicines are also known to cause anemia because they cause the gland to function properly which may be utilizing ore red blood cells and due to this the person suffers from lack of energy and general weakness. Some kinds of antibiotics are also known to have this kind of effect where hey make the person weak. Any medicines that can cause alterations in blood pressure and heart rate can lead to anemia over a period of time. However, in these cases anemia is treated as a side effect and not as the primary condition. These kinds of anemia that occur as side effects can easily be rectified by taking vitamin supplements.

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What Types Of Medications Can Cause Anemia