Reproduction Of Eubacteria  

Eubacteria are also called the true bacteria. All bacteria reproduce in the asexual way. Eubacteria are usually considered as disease causing, and it is best if they do not reproduce. However, the truth of the matter is that only a small percentage of these bacteria are responsible for diseases. The eubacteria have existed for several ages. Most of the eubacteria that are present today should derive their food sources from external bodies. That is they have to depend on other organisms for their survival.

This type of bacteria is large, and can be classified as amoebas. Almost all bacteria follow the asexual reproduction pattern and so does eubacteria. They do not need other bacteria to reproduce and there is no fertilization required. But, the eubacteria need specific satisfying conditions in order to reproduce. They depend on their own reproduction cycle that is carried out within the bacteria. They reproduce using the binary fission theory where one cell splits into two and grows and so on. The cell multiplication takes place rather fast. Some types of bacteria are capable of reproducing bacteria that is not active. These lie dormant until the right circumstances occur or until they find a vegetative cell. It is only then they use these cells to reproduce. These type of eubacteria are usually considered as dangerous or disease causing ones. To an extent the human body also needs bacteria to survive.


Eubacteria is one of the foremost bacteria in the process of evolution. Knowing their nature is important for scientists as they believe that the bacteria could have played a role in the evolution of several organisms and species.

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Reproduction Of Eubacteria




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