Why Is The Genome Project Happening ?

Why Is The Genome Project Happening ?

In the 1970s, biologists started, at the molecular level, to examine human genes. With the possibility of DNA analysis, it became evident that particular conditions could be attributed to markers or DNA segments.

Individual research started in several countries to map parts of the human genome. When the US became involved in the 80s, the project really got underway. The Human Genome Organization was founded in 1989 by leading international scientists in the molecular biology field. The objective was to probe and untangle the hitherto unknown secrets of our genes. Every human gene was to be mapped and positioned and every message in the twisted double helix of our DNA decoded and read. It was to be a project of mammoth proportions with an enormous budget.

It was hoped that by so doing mankind would have a better understanding of the human genome and from it an insight into genetic disease, evolution and other facets of human existence.

Despite the benefits likely to accrue as a result of the study, skeptic believed that the vast expenditure could be applied to more useful purposes. Furthermore, the information likely to be gained could well be misused and applied for genetic discrimination and, more lethally, to develop chemical weapons that could be used in genetic warfare.

Human genome maps were published in 2001 and the entire project completed in 2003. Even before completion some of the interim findings were used in medical research and treatment.

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Why Is The Genome Project Happening