What Is The Genotype Of Hemophilia ?  

Hemophilia is a condition that prevents the body from clotting any blood and the person suffering from this condition suffers from excessive bleeding. Hemophilia is a genetically inherited disorder where one or more cells responsible for clotting the blood is not inherited and the blood clotting factor is not produced in the body.

It is an X chromosome linked disorder which is found in males by large. The gene imbalance is inherited from the mother. In a non hemophilic person the father’s genotype would be XY and the mothers would be XX. In this case it is assured that at least one of the chromosomes in the mother is normal and only one chromosome is needed to prevent hemophilia.

In a normal child, the genotype would be XY but in a hemophilic child the genotype would be X and Xh, which is the extra chromosome causing the hemophilia. This gene, however, can be only passed from the mother. If the mother has a girl child, then the gene could be very much passed on to her also but without the effects. This kind of disorder has been found much later and in fact it is called the golden disease because it was discovered in the golden era.

People who suffer from hemophilia actually bleed much more than normal people during surgeries or when they sustain an injury. Also, because of the excessive bleeding these people are prone to anemic conditions like iron deficiency anemia. Sometimes, people with hemophilia also suffer from internal bleeding, which is much more dangerous than external bleeding.

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What Is The Genotype Of Hemophilia




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